Announcement from CRSD

The Committee for the Resolution of Securities Disputes (CRSD) announces that it is considering a lawsuit filed with CRSD by the Capital Market Authority (CMA) against: Turki bin Sa'eed bin 'Awadh Alqahtani, holding national identification number (1041481050). The above lawsuit was deposited in CRSD Case Register under No. (99/32) dated 17/11/1432 H.

A hearing session for this lawsuit is scheduled to be held on Tuesday 11/5/1433 H. corresponding to 3/4/2012 G. at exactly 01:00 p.m. at CRSD location in Riyadh, King Fahd Road, Atta'awnya Towers, southern tower, 13th floor.

This announcement shall serve as a notice for the above-mentioned person. In case of not appearing before CRSD at the determined hearing date and time, CRSD shall examine the case according to the presented documents and shall issue its decision in absentia.​