Announcement from CRSD

​​The Committee for Resolution of Securities Disputes (CRSD) announces the issuance of its decision No. (1075/L/D1/2012 G for the year 1433 H.) dated 20/11/1433 H. corresponding to 6/10/2012 G., in the lawsuit that was filed by Riyadh Bank against Mansour Bin Mohamed Bin Mansour Al Qahtani ruling as follows:

First: Mansour Bin Mohamed Bin Mansour Al Qahtani “defendant", holder of I.D. number (1046149066) is obliged to pay to Riyadh Bank “plaintiff" the amount of (SR. 51,378.66) fifty one thousand three hundred seventy eight riyals and sixty six halalas.

Second: To reject plaintiff's claim for compensation against lawyer fees.

Since it was not possible to locate the address of Mansour Bin Mohamed Bin Mansour Al Qahtani “the defendant", it was decided to notify him on the decision that was issued against him by publishing the same in the Official Gazette. The defendant may object to the decision within thirty days from the date of publication of this Announcement. If no objection during this period was filed, the decision shall be deemed final.​